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Our practice continually looks for advances to ensure that we are providing the optimum level or oral health care to our patients.  We are committed to offering excellent dental services by investing in continuing educations and state-of-the art technologies.

Diagnodent Cavity Detection

A diagnodent is a device that helps detect decay at the earliest possible decay. This is a laser light that will scan the tooth with pulses of light.  When a cavity is detected, a light of different wavelengths bounces back to the sensor which will translate into a digital readout and an audible signal, letting the dental professional know that decay has been found.  This technology will actually allow the dental professional to find decay before it is found on x-rays.  With such early detection, this provides conservative treatment and preserves more tooth structure which in return keeps the tooth stronger.

Intra Oral Camera

With an intra oral camera we can take actual pictures of your mouth.  This helps you to understand and see exactly what we see and are talking about.  It helps improve patient education and communication.  You never have to pretend that you know what we're talking about because you can actually see it for yourself!

Soft Tissue Laser

Laser treatment is the future of dentistry.  Did you know if you have a canker sore we can use our laser on that area and reduce the healing time, more importantly, take you out of pain!  A cold sore is no match for the laser.  Call us when it's in the "tingling" stage and if lasered in time then it might not even show up!  Other procedures that a soft tissue laser can be beneficial in treatment are helping prep the tooth during a crown procedure and a frenectomy.  We treat gingivitis and periodontal disease with the laser by killing the bacteria from the gums.  By having a soft tissue laser, it is a great advantage in being able to make treatment easier and less-invasive on our patients.

Digital Radiographs/X-rays

We use digital x-ray imaging for several reasons.  The benefits to us are that digital imaging is environmentally friendly, no more film, no more chemicals, and instant images allowing significant time savings.  It also provides the ability to better diagnosis.  Benefits to the patient include, less waiting time, shorter appointments, more comfortable procedure, reduced exposure to radiation and you have better understanding of treatment needs.


With oral cancer being on the rise, we look for it in every patient.  We have always done an oral cancer examination as part of our standard of care.  We find that using this screening along with the standard oral cancer examination improves the ability to identify suspicious areas at their earliest stages.  The oral cancer screening is similar to proven early detection procedures for other cancers such as mamography, Pap smear and PSA (Prostate).  The oral screening is a simple and painless examination that we use the Velscope with.  The VELscope's distinctive blue-spectrum light will cause us to notice any disruptions in the natural pattern of your mouth tissue.  Using the VELscope, a wide variety of oral abnormalities can be discovered which are often non-visible to the unassisted eye.  The screening is very simple and only takes about 1-2 minutes.  Make an appointment today to get your screening for oral cancer.

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